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What is loose leaf tea? 

Loose leaf tea is tea leaves in its natural form. The utmost care is taken of the leaves, from plucking to manufacturing. The tea leaves are sometimes packed in large tea chests or paper sacks to protect the delicate leaves from getting damaged.

Teacupsfull - loose leaf teas are packed in resealable stand up pouches, which can be opened and sealed multiple times. Our packaging protects the loose leaf tea leaves from getting broken, moisture and heat.

What is a tea caddie? 

A tea caddie is like a tea box, Teacupsfull tea caddies are made of the highest food grade tins.

Why is loose leaf tea better than tea bags?

There are various grades of loose leaf tea. We encourage the use of whole leaf loose leaf tea as the leaves are larger than commercial grade teas which are available in teabags.

As Yes, as the name suggests, whole leaf loose leaf tea is larger than the smaller grades of tea. The surface of the tea leaves is larger, which means you will be able to extract more flavour from the tea leaves than from smaller grades of tea.

What are the advantages of making tea with loose leaf tea?

The biggest advantage is that you can brew the tea leaves multiple times till it gives flavour. This makes it economical and you can enjoy the flavour of your favourite tea till it lasts. Teacupsfull whole leaf loose leaf tea can be brewed multiple times, bringing down the cost per cup of tea.

How many times can I brew the tea leaves?

You can brew the tea leaves at least three times. Always remember the rule of the thumb, each time you rebrew the tea leaves, add another two minutes to the last brewing time. For For example, for the first cup you brewed it for 3 minutes, so for the second cup of tea, you will need to brew the tea for 5 minutes, and so on.